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The St Helena Research Institute (SHRI) is a collaborative organisation founded in St Helena Island, South Atlantic Ocean that supports research and opportunities for learning and promotes, collaborates and conducts research on the island.

The SHRI was launched in November 2019 with the goals:

• To promote and expand reputable research on St Helena that contributes to sustainable development;
• To protect St Helena’s people, heritage and environment;
• To ensure equitable benefit sharing, maximising benefits to St Helena and the researcher;
• To promote ethical, responsible, high-quality research that respects, protects and benefits St Helena’s society, culture, heritage and environment.

St Helena. Home to:

800+Fungi, lichens, algae and plants

Many fungi and lichens yet to be identified.

Our Mission

Creating and promoting opportunities for research, innovation and
the advancement of learning, ensuring that research and new
knowledge is accessible and used for the benefit of St Helena.

St Helena. Home to:

1,300+ terrestrial invertebrate species 

400+ are believed to be endemic to the island.

SHRI Key events & Timeline


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Useful Information

For information on preparing for your visit to St Helena, please check out the following weblinks:

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Frequently Asked Questions

Time on St Helena is always GMT.

Electric plugs are the same as the UK. Bring an adaptor if you don’t have UK appliances.


  • Taxi 4 u Reynolds Auto Cab – 24931
  • Crowie’s taxi’s – 61911 or 66774
  • Joshua’s taxi – 61138
  • Leslie’s taxi service – 61441


Car Rental:

  • Blue Lantern Car Hire – 25555
  • Fox Motors Care Hire – 24404
  • Colin’s Garage Hire-Drive – 22742

For much of the year, temperatures remain between 20-27°C. Temperatures in the central areas are, on average, 5 – 6 °C lower.

The sun is intense in the Southern Hemisphere, even when cloudy, so don’t forget sunscreen (preferably one that is marine-friendly if you’re going in the water!) and a hat.

If you plan to hike, bring sturdy walking boots and a pole if you use one – it can be slippery and quite steep on many of the trails.

Banking services on St Helena Island are provided by the Bank of St Helena. Sterling is accepted in shops and restaurants on the island but change will often be given in Saint Helena Pounds. Therefore credit and debit cards are not accepted.

St Helena Research Institute

Education & Employment Directorate, Carnarvon Court, Education Learning Centre, Jamestown, St Helena Island, STHL 1ZZ

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Canarvon Court, Education Learning Centre, Jamestown, St Helena


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T. 00 (290) 22607

St Helena Government